How To Make Your Dorm Your Girl Cave

Let’s admit it, the first time you open your door to your new college dorm is definitely one of the most frightening experiences, especially as a freshman. The panicking thoughts arise when you start to realize the dorm stereotypes are actually true and it is actually the size of a shoebox…well maybe not exactly but it’s pretty darn close! I’m sure we could also agree that since you are a female, it is only normal that you have an absurd amount of stuff you plan to bring with you… don’t worry, I’ve been there. And I have plenty of tips to share with you on how to keep a well-organized dorm room that will fit everything you need, and still look super chic and fabulous.

First off, you’re going to need LOTS of bins. Storage bins and stackable bins with drawers will be your best friend and key to organization. I would say two stacks of 2-3 bins would fit perfectly under your raised bed, obviously with the drawers facing out. In my personal experience, I categorized each drawer into towels/face clothes, cosmetics, underwear/socks, and snacks (of course). You could organize these bins in whichever way you want, but categorizing your belongings will be a huge help. As for the storage bins, those slide very nicely all the way to the bottom back of your bed. In these bins, I kept things that I didn’t necessarily need access to everyday. Some things you could keep back there are extra cosmetics/toilet trees, paper towels/tissues, and off-season clothing that is taking up room in your closet.

Here you could see how I kept my stackable bins under my bed, and how I had organized my desk.

Depending what kind of space you have available to you in your room, closet organizers are also helpful for keeping more clothes folded and for storing your shoes. The images below are closet organizers I have used.

Closet organizers

Now for your desk. Once you get to college, a desk doesn’t serve one purpose anymore. This desk will be your place to do homework, makeup, hair, eat an occasional meal when you don’t feel like walking to the dining hall, and just a place to sit when your too lazy to climb up on your bed (if you’re a short gal like me I suppose). So basically, your desk is your rock. Organizing the desk drawers for school supplies and makeup is one way to do it. I found keeping a makeup mirror off to the side corner was helpful, and stayed out of the way when I needed to get work done. Leaving a good amount of available and uncultured desk space will help you stay organized and use your desk as a multi-functioning piece of furniture.

Here comes the fun part, décor! Choose a color scheme, and stick to it. Too many colors will give you a headache in such a small room. If you have the opportunity, it is a good idea to discuss the color scheme of your room with your roommate. Even if you don’t like the same colors, you could figure out a way to make the colors compliment one another. Personally, I think adding one color to a black and white color scheme is perfect. You don’t have to worry about buying everything in the same shade of one specific color. And black and white always makes a room look chic. I got ideas for my dorm room on Pinterest and was able to find a lot of inexpensive décor on Amazon.

The perfect finishing touch to make you room look even extra fabulous is adding white Christmas lights. I know what your thinking, it isn’t Christmas 12 months out of the year?! I remember feeling the same way. But take my word for it, these lights will make your room feel cozier all year long. It gives the room a warm and homey atmosphere, and brings out all the beautiful decorating you’ve already done.

This is a photo of what my dorm looked like after hanging white Christmas lights.

Well, there you have it. Super chic, fabulous, and organized. I hope you find these tips helpful as you begin to organize and design the look of your college dorm room. If you have any other tips that you found useful in your own experience, feel free to comment!

Happy Dorming! XOXO


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