How to Make “Bummy” Look Yummy


There is a constant struggle of girls on college campus’ who are torn between wanting to look cute on campus, and wanting to be comfy. We’ve all picked out an outfit the night before, went to sleep at 2am, and woke up early, cold, and tired. And we’ve all quickly put that outfit right back in the closet and pulled out some warm comfy sweats. Some may think you have choose between looking “bummy” or yummy, but that really isn’t the case! You just have to know what “Bummy” necessities you’ll need that’ll keep you cute and cozy on campus. Lucky for you, I’ve provided some tips to get you started.


First things first, LEGGINGS. Most of us love them already, but the key is to stock up on them. Personally, I feel as though you can never have enough. The best part is, no one (female or male) is going to judge you for wearing black leggings at least 4 times a week. And even better, just about everything matches them. I say black, but of course you could branch out to a dark brown or even dark grey. Leggings feel 10x better than putting on a cold pair of denim jeans in the morning, and they will definitely flatter your figure. You could dress them up or down with an oversized long sleeve campus spirit shirt, or a cozy knitted sweater.


Next, you’ll need quite a few oversized long sleeve t’s. Take my word for it, these are the BEST and you could wear them with your comfy leggings. Some are more pricey than others, but there are definitely a variety to choose from that are all equally as cute and cozy. You could go with a spirit campus jersey, a Victoria Secrets PINK long T (my personal favorite), or just generic solid colored long sleeved T’s. They work well with a variety of outdoor temperatures; a cool day, a cold day, or a breezy spring day. You’ll accumulate a ton of these over your four years.


Believe it or not, your shoes and accessories could be “bummy” and yummy as well. Anything from UGGS, Moccasins, or Nikes (and imitations of any of these) will make your oversized T and leggings look super cute and you’ll feel super comfy. Hats and baseball caps are also another easy and simple accessory you could add to your overall OOTD that could not only make it more trendy, but also save you from doing your hair that morning. Lastly, choosing a simple tote or backpack to hold your books and school supplies will give you the complete cute and cozy campus look that you’re striving for.

I hope these tips are useful to you when you’re getting ready in the morning before class! If you have any other ideas for “Bummy” and Yummy campus trends, feel free to comment! XOXO



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