5 Easy Ways to Stay Fit

Senior year of high school, one of the main concerns us females have before starting our freshman year in college is gaining that so called “freshman 15”. If you’re one of those girls with that fear, let it go right now! Everyone has a different body type and a different lifestyle. Luckily for you, I’ve provided 5 easy and simple ways you could maintain a fit lifestyle throughout your college years.

1. Watch What You Eat:

By no means am I suggesting you put yourself on a strict diet in school simply because it is unrealistic, especially as an underclassman being restricted to dining halls. However, I am suggesting you watch what you eat. By that, I mean having variety in the meal choices you make daily. Limiting greasy foods is especially important, but most things are okay in moderation. Make sure your still eating fruits and vegetables daily, and a meal with protein and carbs.

2. Don’t Over-Drink it:

There’s no hiding the fact that college students enjoy partying where alcoholic beverages are served. I’m not going to lecture you on all the negative affects drinking has on your body, but I will tell you that excessive drinking WILL cause you to gain weight. Mixed drinks and beer are loaded with all the calories you fear to obtain. Remember, everything in moderation ladies!

3. Make Time for Exercise:

This seems to be a tough task for college students, and trust me I understand the struggle. However, making time to exercise throughout your week will keep you fit and feeling good about yourself. Set goals for yourself, and start off small. Start by giving yourself 2 days per week for at least 30 minutes for any sort of physical exercise. If it’s nice out, take a nice walk around campus with some of your friends. Most universities offer fun classes in their fitness classes such as yoga and zumba; those would also be great to take some friends along! Something I found myself doing a lot in college was simply googling 10 minute exercise videos on Youtube or Pinterest that you could do right in your dorm room! Be sure to check out my Pin board dedicated to College Girl Tips for some of these awesome and simple exercises.

4. Stay Hydrated:

In the midst of our busy everyday schedules, we tend to forget how important it is to keep our bodies hydrated. The key is to stay hydrated by drinking the things that are best for your body. First and most importantly, WATER. The average amount of water one should consume per day is 8-eight ounce glasses, which may seem like a lot. Drinking tons of water has many health benefits, which you could also check out on my Pin Board. Adding lemon to your water or diffusing it with other fruits and vegetables is even better. It releases toxins from your body and eliminates bloat. I would also highly recommend you start drinking lots of tea. There are tons of different herbal teas that have many benefits for your health, and even help you lose weight.

5. Don’t Be Lazy:

Participating in simple everyday activity will contribute to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Making simple choices such as walking to class rather than driving or taking the shuttle will keep you on your feet. Choosing to take the stairs rather than the elevator in your resident hall or academic building will also keep you active. Getting involved in campus activities will limit the amount of time your laying in bed watching Netflix. Avoiding laziness with simple tasks such as these will help you stay fit daily.


I spoke about a bunch of different ideas here that you could check out for yourself on my Pin Board. There are tons of pinned articles that could help contribute to each of these points that I hope you will find useful! XOXO





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