5 Things to Discuss With Your Roommate Before Moving In

Finding roommates is always a stressful yet exciting experience. However, as we know, everyone is different and everyone has different living habits. Regardless of who you decide to live with, it is super important that you discuss certain things before moving in together. To avoid having later conflict and issue, it would be smart to address the following 5 things to a ensure happy and healthy living situation:

1. Sleeping Habits– It’s important to know what your future roommates sleeping habits are like before you move in. Everyone is different, and it would be nice to know whether or not they are a morning or night person and how that would correlate with your sleeping schedule. Some other things you might want to talk about are whether or not they snore (and if that would bother you), and if they take naps throughout the day. Having this knowledge could help the two of you figure out a schedule that will work for both of you.

2.Cleanliness– A very messy person and a very organized person could run into major conflict living together, especially in a small space like a dorm room. I wouldn’t recommend living with someone who is the complete opposite of you in this area. Discussing organization and cleanliness will help the two of you keep your own space livable and comfortable. You could discuss taking turns cleaning certain things, and come up with a plan that you’d both be happy with.

3. Company– As we know, there is also a social aspect of living away at school with your friends. Discussing with your potential roommate when and when not to have friends come over is important for the both of you. If there are certain things you’d be uncomfortable with, get it out in the open NOW before its too late. Discussing things like when to have friends over, during the week or weekends (or both) could effect the both of your daily schedules. Also, discus whether or not to having friends sleep over is a possibility and how you’d be feel about that.

4. Study Habits– We’re here for a reason, and that reason is primarily your education. This is very serious! Where will the two of you agree to study and do homework? Will there be too many distractions in the room? Maybe you’ll want to discuss going to the library during certain hours, and doing homework in your room at other hours. Making sure your on the same page in regards to your study habits is very important, and should definitely be discussed.

5. Shared Items– Obviously, you’ll both have your own side of the room. However, there are things that you could share, and things you may not want to share. If there is one thing you take away from these 5 discussions, let it be this one. Make it clear what is yours, and what you are willing to share. Discuss who is going to bring what, and how you will take turns purchasing the items that you will be sharing. Or, if you don’t want to share anything at all, make this very clear from the start.

Discussing these 5 living habits with your future potential roommate is essential BEFORE moving in together. You may find the person to be an awesome and fun friend, but maybe not the best person to live with. Find someone who has compatible living habits to your own when making your decision. Happy roommate hunting! XOXO


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